over see II : rough travel LP

by bin

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recorded somewhere in guatemala in two days
rough as guts
songs written between canada and guatemala


released July 15, 2015



all rights reserved


bin Nelson, New Zealand

A producer/musician based in Dunedin, NZ. A lifelong addiction to music has lead him into the domains of various instruments and genres.

bin attempts to combine these elements into a musical journey. from raw folk/jazz experimental electronica. Instruments are overlaid with electronic elements cast from field recorded samples.

It will probably never work but it's fun trying
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Track Name: short lived loved
dreaming breakers and holiday makers
stuck like seeds in a sunflower
seems a hollow way to holiday
greenbacks, street cats, and silent smiles

buildings banked up to the beach
concrete kissed sand kisses my feet
follow my toes from the can
i see no safety in numbers like these
i see no safety in numbers like these

settle on a point where iguanas hide
abandoned bungalows eavesdrop ocean cries
blue as far as eye can see
and no one standing next to me
there's no no one standing next to me

i met a pair of gorgeous eyes
and we danced until sunrise
with numb tongues and fingers tied
i left without saying hello or goodbye
i left without saying hello or goodbye

short lived love, making sparks with no flame
casual love, blowing bubbles on wind
leave alone, on a ship in the night
left alone, before the feelings can bite

eyelids heavy from the night gone by
water washes the weight away
brain ponders the moonlit past
and wonders whether that kiss will be our last
whether that kiss will be our last
Track Name: collectivos
there's nicer ways to travel
but they'll eat at your wallet
starve you of any culture
barely test your resolve

a home away from home
for patriots and patronizers
obnoxious and ignorant
big spenders and womanizers

no one seems, no one seems
to feel their age
hold the seams, hold the seams
of your new dreams

eyes on surprise
eyes off the prize
everything is a prize
if you can smile at the sunrise

speed bumps and bumps of speed
pot holes and stories without plots
paper scrolls and toast on hot coals
we´re crammed into a room with no door

with no door,with no door
you can´t settle scores
with no plot, with no plot
you don´t know what you´ve got
i´m stuck between, stuck in between
two very different scenes
and no one seems, no one seems
to feel their age
Track Name: drawn & curtained
you stand on your knees
your hands know no boundaries
fall to your feet
grab this from the air

a bite of thought
a construct in your mind
a mind bent on matter
to matter you don´t mind

through the black curtain
a symphony of ideas
a dip in the ocean
distraction from fears

it´s like sunday morning
the comfort of grey skies
to a warm bag of blood
forgotten to love

all of your plans
are stuck on the second hand
you feel so abused
lost and confused

all of your dreams
have lost their self esteem
where are your friends
when you´re near the end

all of your lies
standing side by side
dressed in the cape
that let you escape

all of your plans
of working for the man
have gone out the door
you´re left wanting more
Track Name: fake plastic figurine
where i come from, a pawn to the game
hold the seatbelt on, from the womb to the grave
we fall off the factory line, carved plastic figurines

into the finger tips, of my own hand
here i fly, until we land
at black & white, traffic lights
carved plastic limousine

return will cut a man at the knees
like you're in stalemate, but they'll play on just to tease
the only way, is to stay, to survive, they'll say
before long, you'll sing along, like it's the only song worth singing
we are caught in a rock pool without a knife and fork
will the moon lift the sea this way
will i throw in the towel will i wipe my bitter brow
and wonder where i'm supposed to be
can we change the rules can we live like kings
without castles in our eyes
walls will smile where we walk, we will share our second thoughts
a thousand pieces in our hands

fake plastic figurine
have you had this dream
these pieces build the scene
of a sun before it sets
Track Name: walking to the sun
toes into the sand
best friend on my back
we´re walking to the sun

she kept us in all day
with her paralysing touch
paused the whole town
with her humble retreat

red coin in the slot
where the sea meets the sky
micro lite in flight
pulls the curtain on your eyes

walking to the sun
to watch the day be done
walking to the sun

would you try love again
when you´re walking to the sun
in my tower above the sea
where the land meets the sky
can i be your backseat driver
on a highway through the stars
it´s these moments i´m with you
i think it´s better not to love

i sit in my tower
between the land and sky
she´s so far away
like the people who i love
she paints my sky bright
as she brings them morning light
reminds me of home
so i smile, shudder, groan

walking to the sun
past cactus jack and purple flowers
walking to the sun
Track Name: second ave:second floor
sing to me softly
paint pictures on mind
i´ll stare at the carpet
while you hold the present in line

on the second floor of second ave
we are night owls in flight
in our room of bells and whistles
sweet james bowels and smoke will whisper

(verse omitted in recording)
the windows beckons my senses
footsteps beat on your song
street lamps slice through wooden fences
the cold breath makes us belong

oh how dreams, can change in an instant
when your heart is free, you feel no resistance
and this ship won´t sail, so cut this mooring free
let´s spend the night, drifting out to sea

the snowflakes are falling
on the patrons of the night
white beads ambushing alley ways
they are not cold enough to fly

so he´ll hug the wall of second
like the strings on the neck
your guitar tells a story
i´ll discover to forget

as our feet move together
our melodies match in phase
for the briefest of moments
our eyes lock in gaze

oh how dreams, can change in an instant
when your heart is free, you feel no resistance
this train won´t stop, so cut this carriage loose
let´s spend the night, in a runaway caboose

the knife and the iron sandwich
the coffin and the nail
you´re in my arms for tonight
we`re passing out in style
Track Name: lago
puddle of blue
what have we done to you?
cleaning clothes with your toes
and fishing your children

beautiful blue
are we hurting you?
boats cut gashes in your side
rubbing poison in your eyes

i saw a fish but he swam alone
underneath my skimming stone
his tail bends and his body glides
it´s silent here, but he can´t hide
he´s fenced in by the fisherman
who doesn´t know when enough has been and gone
the waters clear, but it won´t be long
the waters clear, but this is wrong

everytime you look straight ahead
don´t forget you´re here
a lot of us are thinking the same thing
but to our fears we cling
is this the age where we break through?
i´m talking to you
i´m talking to you, about no more lies
i´m talking to you, about bright blue skies
i´m talking to you

patchwork quilt from rooftop throne
roads stitch houses to hills, colours delicate and few
beautiful view, struggle lies beneath you
dogs shout in molten mirrors from their lonely wooden towers

i met a man in the patchwork street
who never learnt to fly his own kite
lying cold on a sidewalk roost
his mind young, but his body bent and old
the leaders here run a bitter race
climb the ladder and pull it out of reach
the people smile, but it won´t be long
the people smile, but this is wrong
Track Name: music bug
i´ve got the music bug when i look above, i can´t hide it
when the time is right, you will fall in love, you can´t fight it
we´re flying dragon flies, in a paper mache baloon

i´ve got a fragile friend, who thinks it´s the end, he can´t fight it
he´s forgotten how to smile, for more than a while, he can´t hide it
we´ve got to show him the soul, how it hangs upon the wind

i want to lie awake, while i fall asleep, i can´t hide it
shut out the dark, but hold all the light, i will fight it
i´m marking this letter, return to sender please

we´ve got to find a place where we can start a fire, don´t you fight it
let the embers simmer, while our thoughts are flowing free
i´ll teach you to dance if you tell me where we are

and all the time it´s fun to wonder how
do little green men live beyond the sky
but don´t let it get behind your eyes
it´s good to think, but better to be wise
to be wise

most of the time
try to rest your mind
Track Name: alone on a coast
ocean, ocean, ocean
i´ve got a confession to make
i don´t mean to be so mean

i´ve never been further from home
i´ve never felt more at home
i´ve never been more alone
i´ve never felt more at home

when i wore
another mans shoes before
some way back down the street
but i´ve moved on
to the great beyond
try to catch the moment as it moves just beyond
try to catch the moment as it moves

these nylon strings
extensions of the hands i move
a connectedness to the groove
a fly with a mass of kin sinks its toothy grin into my velvet skin
my skin, my skin

held my the tendrils of a leather bound book
a bunch of kids and a guy with a hook
for just a hand who would´ve thought it could be so great
the mouse who stole the cheeses mate

this is one i need to have on my own
while standing on a skimming stone
floating till the surface slips
then fall beneath the deep blue grips

i´m so far from home, i´ve forgotten my old friends
so far from home, i´ve forgotten my old friends
so far from home, i´ve forgotten my old friends
have they forgotten me
Track Name: nomad living
wide open for your very eyes
glance over at the starting line
there´s more to this than making up for lost time
the sun will rise the day you awake for the last time

closed off from your only mind
a free bird must learn to fly
building wings from paper planes
there´s more to this than trying to be the nice guy
there´s more to this than can ever meet an eye

i met a man who travelled by thumb
for five years under the sun
taking freeze frames of the mountainsides
sometimes i feel i´ve got that man inside
who wants to fill up on brand friends
brand new lands till this life ends
with just a voice and a music box
no time for home, no time for clocks

you a hidden like a flower at night
panning for gold in the pool of self doubt
your stretched lips form the mother of smiles
your sparkling lips will stick with me for miles
cast for the sun with a shining hook
catch your ideas in a paper book
reel them in till you can taste the fire
then share it with the weak and the tired