over see I : rough travel LP

by bin

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recorded in a small room in a small time
rough as guts
songs written between melbourne and canada

a diary of travel. I plan to record three "over see" albums throughout 2015 with a Zoom H6 field recorder. On return to New Zealand I will pick the best 10 tracks and re-record them with more toys as a separate release

should be fun

thanks to

the people I met
the people who had me to stay
the people I shared experiences with


released April 8, 2015

produced/mastered by Ben Wilkinson March 2015



all rights reserved


bin Nelson, New Zealand

A producer/musician based in Dunedin, NZ. A lifelong addiction to music has lead him into the domains of various instruments and genres.

bin attempts to combine these elements into a musical journey. from raw folk/jazz experimental electronica. Instruments are overlaid with electronic elements cast from field recorded samples.

It will probably never work but it's fun trying
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Track Name: dive
clear plastic bottle on line
caught up in the drizzle of his fake blue wine
stop and stare, i'll go nowhere without you
when nothing floats, i'm on my boat to nowhere
with my hair tied back my foreheads clear for landing

precious other half of mine
where have you been all this time
stop and stare, i'll go nowhere without you
when nothings clear, i'll have no doubt around me
with my eyes sewn shut my feet can strike the pavement

rubber filled mouth under the sea
calmed by grasp so much bigger than me
no weight without, i'll dive as deep as i need to
when nothings fair, i'll have no rules around me
i'll pull the trigger soft so no one hears me dying

precious other half of mine
where have you been all this time
stop and stare, i'll go no where without you
when nothings straight, you'll run from fear of losing
with you hands tied to pride by a man of sculpture
Track Name: girl in red
young girl in red don't talk to me about yourself
i'm not going to listen
it seems to me that your life's a misery
you can't make decisions
slow it down get your feet upon the ground
you're swiping at the stirrups
reign it in, my patience's wearing thin
it's soaked up in your sorrow

all i ever wanted
was a place to rest my head
it seems each house is haunted
by a ghost who will show his face
just when things feel right
i'm haunted by her shout
it's like turning off the shower
never the right hour
Track Name: my favourite little town
waiting for the wind to change your ways
living in the sunniest of days
just pleasant souls in simple roles
a little town, a favourite found

you will come and you won't leave
griz will grab you by the sleeve
shake you up and make you laugh
when you've taken it too far
we've all taken it too far

fear to fall at every turn
when you finally have learned
I'm here to show you the way
if you've forgotten it today
we all forget it some days

i want to walk with the sun in my eyes
don't you want to walk with the sun in your eyes
Track Name: muzzle
piecing the puzzle of your mind
is like watching water become wine
always another lesson learned
scrambling fingers scrape the surface pages turned

it's been a long time since we've been friends
i'm ready for this night to end
i couldn't say whether my feelings will stay
but my lonely mind thinks about you all the time

always looking down, lighten up
overlook the frowns, and fill your cup
what's pride when your all out of luck
in love, in love, and then stuck

piecing the puzzle of your mind
is like watching water become wine
remember dear, when life don't seem fair
we're just two apes on a spinning sphere

it's been a long time since we've been friends
i'm ready for this night to end
river valley, blow my blues away
bushline, be my wine
Track Name: moonlight
i'm walking west of winton and winter is cold
i haven't seen another soul since the moon last glowed
i'm a fool, i'm a rusty washed up can
washed up for the last time, unable to stand

big and bright, great white marble of the night
feeding from the fire ball, you steal your light
i'm a fool, but i'm a lot like you
tumbling through cycles in a celestial space

if the night should fall, and you're not by my side
i will dream of you with all my broken might
in my nightmare, the sea forgot to rise
i awoke to your ever watching eye

the skyline teases yellow and your presence retreats
the people, they awake to take conveyor belt seats
i've lost my dream, i've lost all reasonable excuse
to walk in the hallway when there's blood on the roof

white on blue, great white marble of the dawn
a piece of the puzzle which you now look upon
i've lost my dream, but i'm a lot like you
tumbling through cycles in a celestial space
Track Name: airports & sugarmen
airports get me bent
the thought of leaving
the thought of arriving

airports got me bent
the blue collar staunch
the labyrinth to the clouds

there's something nice about never seeing the face of hug
but holding the echo of love between us
capturing it for the road ahead
my wrinkled eyes are filled with love and dread

you say the world's an oyster
shot glass lemon and vessel
blind hope for the hopeless
a hopeless walk for the blind

press play to pass the time
press pause to catch the tears
the power of true beauty
written by the smile

of people who know what's right
and beat the army of greed
people shine so bright
when they come to another's need

you with the talent
but the lazy eyes of doubt
you with the talent
not heard next to those who shout
Track Name: i'm ok
the octopus across the room
the jesus and the mary jane
the box of wax and magic discs
the fallen lads and picked up sticks

i'm ok, i've got all my friends with me

the bubble ball and bathing cap
the way it bends and breaks your map
the backwards man and broken door
the reaching for the paper tube

that burns between my finger tips
till it's trapped within my tasting lips
a plate of snow, the tainted grips
the call for more, a cracking whip

i'm ok i've got all my friends with me

the fleeing from purity
the fleeing of impurity
the wasting of wasted time
the wasted wasting time
Track Name: pighead
i never did like light green lettuce
the look of it
crackers with your name engraved
the thought of it

a book about you
a whole book of it
there's more to you
but i'll never buy into it

you're like a fish out of water who thinks he's got legs
your coffees full but you're swirling for dregs
your plastic castle scared the scarecrows away
you hold the key within the cage they say

a pound of ease could never please your appetite
your senses are starved until the twilight
all your run ins, they're running out
there's a whore in you, beyond the pretty snout
Track Name: the gum tree blues
the coast lies where the sea no longer climbs the land
bending boldy forth where the waves ride the sand
two stakes, four feet, on a hill we stand
trying to make a break from the promised land

8 million eyes just a highway away
a brain built in a cave isn't made for city play
glorious steel, paved field, pretty lights, and fast meal
a plastic bite, i'm up all night

grey fur ball up high
black button nose and marble eyes
i'm not going to ask how you got up there
i'm not going to ask why you're alone

leafy green tea in a green mug
the air is light, i'm having breakfast with the bugs
spider web, dragon fly, clouds perch in the sky
my minds at bay, i'll walk all day

while we wait for, our precious paid for goods
the gum tree blues blows on
while we plan for, our annual holiday spoil
the gum tree blues blows on
grab it and mould it, bend and unfold it
there's nothing you'll do wrong
a piece of the quiet, apart from the riot
a slowly dying song
Track Name: disco daze
i'm caught in a disco daze
ain't ever gonna change my ways